How We Measure Success

We love real estate. Finding homes, researching market stats, negotiating contracts, and helping our clients find a home that meets their expectations is what we do and we are passionate about it! Whether you are buying or selling, or just want some information before you even start that process, you have come to the right place! We can help!

Our state-of-the art website is just one of the many tools that we use to help you through your real estate decisions. We also have in-depth experience and know our community, providing you with the best real estate transaction possible. As expert negotiators, we are on your side, and will help direct you through every concern or challenge you may encounter. We believe in establishing relationships with our clients and want you to be able to count on us, no matter the issue.

Over the years here are some of our favorite successes

One of our favorite moves involved two families, that lived on the same street together, moving to a new neighborhood together, on the same street again, in the same short time before new school enrollment began. They were so excited to pull it off and we are excited to share they both bought dream homes in a beautiful gated community and get to enjoy their same good neighborhood friendship in the new community both families desired to raise their children in.

Success frequently can be found in careful orchestration of Sellers receiving an offer and finding their home of choice. If we are doing our job right, the details can be dialed in so brilliantly our clients never realize how much work went on behind the scenes to achieve a lower stress move. Having constant communication, resetting everyone expectations as we go along, alleviates a lot of stress and makes one of the top 10 stressors in life, moving, go smoother.

We love to hand keys to first time home buyers. One of our couples were high school sweethearts, pregnant with their first child and looking for a big yard for their beloved pup. They had a small budget, just barely enough to squeak into a single family home. We found one walking distance from their high school. Taking the time to build a relationship with the agent representing the sellers often makes a difference. In this case our buyers who had a tougher FHA loan were selected from many and today they own that great house when they were nearly priced out of the market.

During the financial crisis we helped several homeowners short sale their homes. This was always conducted with minimal invasion of their private enjoyment of the home and with the upmost dignity. We carefully selected buyers that not only helped with the best offer, the ones we knew the bank would accept, but also screening and setting expectations with the buyers of those homes that they would treat the seller, who were often in distress, with respect and consideration throughout the process. We also counsel with the sellers about where they are going next both physically and in planning for their future.

One Seller purchased a home when the market was quite high, before the real estate markets crashed nationally. Single hardworking Dad, saved a nice down payment and bought a bit of a fixer upper home in a great community. He worked extensively on the outside of the home and when it was time to sell and relocate years later, even though the market had recovered, he was still a bit upside down. We worked with him to refurbish the inside of the home to maximize his resell value. With an investment of about $12,000 in home improvements, as well as staging we provided at no cost, we provided him with a gain we estimate at $75,000 in sale price. If investors and flippers can benefit from refurbishing, we believe homeowners can too.

Not all Realtors are the same. Anyone can provide you with impressive numbers. We have them, of course. However, we pride ourselves on spending the money for our Sellers to have their asset, their home, marketed exceptionally. Whether it’s buying or selling, we place ourselves in our clients shoes when discussing and advising them on their choices, and working hard and smart to achieve the SUCCESS they are after. We do this because to you, the only thing that matters isn’t what we have done for other people, it is what we accomplish for you. Only then have we attained “how we measure success”.

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Meet Our Team

Bonnie Sterling

Bonnie Sterling
Direct: (805) 217-0746

Bonnie Sterling provides extensive knowledge of todays Real Estate market, strong negotiating skills, Successful in-depth targeted marketing plan that includes extensive internet marketing including

Robert Ramey

Robert Ramey
Direct: (805) 558-7394

After years of living and working in East Ventura County, Robert, has been actively helping buyers and sellers meet their real estate goals since 2014. Robert cares a great deal about exceeding your expectations.

Kara Wells

Kara Wells is a Transaction Coordinator, a licensed agent. She is the document master, handling all the important details behind the scenes for contracts, disclosures and loan progression.

Success Stories

I almost hate to give 5 stars on every category, but Bonnie is a very unusual agent. She is very hands on – – not afraid of work – – and she takes initiative in areas we never thought of. A true professional and quick to respond to every need and every concern! We would definitely want to work with her again!