Make the Most of a Tiny Patio

Bonnie Sterling April 26, 2016

Make the Most of a Tiny Patio

Do you have grand visions of a summer spent outside, enjoying the sunshine and soft warm breeze from your beautiful outdoor space? Do you feel like this is all a fantasy because you have a tiny patio that couldn’t possibly live up to your expectations?

Not to worry! Just because you lack square footage doesn’t mean you can’t fulfill those summertime fantasies. Here are some great tips to turn your small patio into something from your dreams.

Keep the design consistent

One of the best ways to make your small patio feel more expansive is to keep the design consistent with what you have in the house. When you open the door, the patio becomes an extension of your indoor living space, spilling out into the outdoors. If you have room for furniture, opt for those in the same style as the adjoining room, and choose similar colors. Keep the floor plan open so that the indoor room flows seamlessly onto the patio.

Consider Proportions

Nothing overwhelms a tiny space like big furniture, so choosing the best sizes for your small patio is key. Opt for chairs and tables with thin lines, clear acrylic or glass to take up less visual space. Make the most of the space you do have by choosing furniture that does double duty, such as a storage box that can double as a bench. Nesting tables and folding chairs also save space when not in use.

Hang a mirror

Mirrors are a common choice in small interiors to help make the space feel bigger, and the same can apply on your patio. Mirrors can help reflect nature back at you, and if you choose a mirror in a bright color or with a stylish design, you can add some wonderful visual flair while you’re at it.

Think vertically

Think you can’t have a garden because you don’t have the space on your patio? Think again. Many homeowners with small patios have turned to vertical gardening, using the walls of their patio space to grow both vegetables and flowers. A trellis can be used for vining plants, and a pallet garden can be the perfect place to tuck lettuce, herbs and other edible plants.

Don’t forget the floor

Don’t leave the floor out when you decorate your outdoor space. In fact, updating a cement floor will make the space feel much more inviting and livable. Throw rugs can help to soften and warm up a cold floor, and there are even products on the market that allow you to install a temporary wooden floor over concrete.

Add finishing touches

After all these considerations, what’s really going to make the difference in your outdoor space are all the finishing touches that make it feel personal. String lights will warm up the space in the evening, throw pillows will make everything more comfortable, and a cozy blanket will make those chilly nights much more inviting.

Just because you have a small patio doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it! With a little thought and creativity, you can turn your tiny space into an outdoor oasis.

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