Bonnie Sterling is an amazing real estate agent!

Bonnie Sterling is an amazing real estate agent! She is the best! Her intelligence as well as common sense will support any buyer or seller to the fullest. Bonnie goes way above and beyond the norm when it comes to offering information, customer service and support to a client. She is also very trustworthy. I worked with her for approximately a year looking for the right property in Ventura County and Los Angeles County. She supported me through my searches and took on some pretty feisty realtors. I have never seen Bonnie lose patience or raise her voice (as I have seen other realtors do). At the time the market was moving fast, often resulting in many multiple offers on a property. Bonnie always sought out direct information from realtors and others and never left anything unanswered or undone. Bonnie will take her time if offering full explanations to questions that a buyer or seller may have. She goes into depth so that one has a full understanding of the issue. Bonnie leaves no stone unturned and although she is bold she is always very kind and fair. One time she (very courteously) went to the door of a property I had an offer on, asking the renter if we could look at it since we had previously been unable to view the property. In the end we learned additional information about the property that was not given to us by the listing realtor. Bonnie is very ethical and trustworthy. She crosses her t’s, dots her i’s and does her research. She offers the straight truth to her clients and other realtors. She is the kind of person one might think of partnering with in business ventures or at the very least, become good friends. I highly recommend Bonnie to represent either a buyer or seller. In the end, I purchased property outside of Ventura County and Los Angeles County. Although I asked Bonnie to represent me, in true Bonnie fashion she respectfully declined, saying that she wanted me to have a realtor who knew the area and properties well, in order to give me the best advantage of making an educated purchase. Thank you Bonnie!

Susie Basanda